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An extremely versatile and flexible company which, through Innovation, technology and quality succeeds in satisfying customers by offering a diverse range of fabrics.

At Strona we are constantly engaged in research for more luxurious and fashionable fabrics by sourcing the finest natural fibers from the best weavers in the world. The design department has presented products with new color schemes, overtaking any limit without compromising on the comfort for the clients. The Strona collection responds to modern taste and trends with creative patterns and latest designs enriched with exclusive finishing processes.

A Bespoke tailored garment in STRONA is truly an investment and always a pleasure to wear.

With immense pride we would like to point out that the fabric production at STRONA is of the highest quality guaranteed by a production chain that is entirely ‘MADE IN ITALY’ and 'MADE IN SWITZERLAND'.

Suitings Made in Italy

The richness of tones developed in the viscose bamboo collection, gives to the collection a new look and touch that is revealed in a variety of shades and exemplary designs. The great range of viscose-bamboo, thanks to a dedicated development of this exclusive yarn satisfies the needs of the modern man who searches for fashion jackets which are still comfortable for all weather. The precise blend of viscose bamboo with specially spun yarns enhances the fiber’s natural quality and their comfort.

This bunch of the Strona 120’s collection of fabrics is created with the Connoisseur in mind who needs the perfect suit for long business day. The fabrics are made with exclusively pure wool yarns designed for modern suits and trousers. The Day-Dream quality has evolved from an all Biellese experience, breathable for all day wear and for all travel conditions.

SKY TOUCH is an elegant , luxurious fabric produced from the best Super 160’s Merino Wool of a fineness of less than 14.8 Micron. Exceptionally soft, it is lightweight with a flowing hand and perfect for a suit that drapes beautifully.

Created in response to the growing need for new and modern clothing that is light , versatile , crease resistant and crease proof. This range of Super 130’s fabrics are produced using the most selected wools from Australia , the ideal habitat for the sheep whose fleece consists of extremely fine fibers which when once finished gives the fabric a unique character , lightness and comfort.

All the fabrics in this ’Prestigious’ label are distinctive for their fine look and touch of luxury. The plain flannels are not too heavy thereby making them wearable for a longer duration in the winter months. This worsted quality is treated with a special finish which gives it an almost silk type finish. The SKYFLANNEL which covers predominantly fancy designs in Corduroys and Stripes is a one of its kind collection for designers who want to experiment with new looks and styles this season. It would be quite appropriate to state that this quality is a benchmark fabric that blends style, performance and taste in world class suits.

The impeccable style matched by the refined colors and designs of these unique fabrics , serves to highlight the elegance of the personality of the person carrying it. An ideal weight with a beautiful soft touch makes this quality a delight for the tailors to drape. With a plain color palate of 21 colors , the Horizon super 140’s offers colors for all occasion types.

An Innovation in the range of Strona fabrics is represented by the quality ‘ECO WASH’ a finishing process wherein the fabric can be appreciated in its original form while retaining its intrinsic qualities after being repeatedly machine washed and ironed. This ALL WEATHER product is completely Machine Washable thanks to the special finishing process developed within STRONA’s research laboratory.

The machine washable finish is dedicated to customers who want to wear the natural sensation and drape of pure wool in all seasons without giving up practicality. This year however at Strona we choose to give our customers a palate of 33 colors to choose from, maintaining this set readily available and thereby ensuring this quality a “Never Out of Stock”


To meet the demands of the fabric lovers who prefer jackets and trousers with a more pronounced silhouette and an upgrade in the cut, Silk has been introduced in various articles and with different compositions, from Wool & Silk to Wool , silk and Cashmere. The development in the 2021/22 Collection also includes a wide range of Jacquard fabrics used for tuxedos, with different colors outside the usual scheme of blue and black. The Ceremonial collection comprises a range of over 50 articles for the customers to choose their favourite Jacket or Suit from for their upcoming EVENTS.

Shirtings from switzerland

This high-end, premium finish keeps your shirt looking good whatever the situation. Not only is it a doddle to iron, but the effect lasts all day long! Wrinkle-Free by Strona is produced by eco-friendly methods certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100. Strona also specialises in “functional” fabrics with added-value features such as “Wrinkle-Free” or “crystal finish”. In addition to cotton, we also use ultra-eco-friendly Tencel yarns or cool, lightweight linen, Stretch fabrics with elastane or 100% cotton stretch fabrics.


Impeccable look all day long

The quality of our selected extra-long staple yarns, special constructions and weaving techniques as well as an exclusive finishing process create Strona’s unique Wrinkle-Free fabrics.


Our raw material consists predominantly of premium long-staple Giza and Supima cotton. Only a small percentage of the annual harvest meets our quality criteria. Only the finest-quality cotton is suitable for our choice of fabrics, which are not only highly durable, but also extremely comfortable.

Classically stylish – Wrinkle-Free linen

The finest cotton linen fabric with a unique Wrinkle-Free finish. Strona has succeeded in combining the exceptionally cool, fresh feel of a cotton linen fabric with a virtually creaseless finish. For a crisp, immaculate look all day long, even on hot summer days.

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